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Friday, March 29, 2013

Rock carvings.

For noen dager siden da vi var ute og kjørte tok vi en liten stopp for å se på helleristninger.
Vi kjørte E6 mot Sverige, og helleristningsfeltet lå ikke langt fra hovedveien.

A few days ago while out driving we made a short stop to have a look at a rock carving site.
This small site was just by the side of the highway.

Stedet het Solberg, og det var jo et svært passende navn på et helleristningsfelt ettersom helleristningene ble risset i berg til ære for solen. Opprinnelig gjorde lyset fra solen at ristningene trådte frem på bergsiden, trolig var de også synlige på lang avstand.

The name of the site was Solberg - Sun rock, which actually is a very suitable name for a rock carving site, as the carvings were made in honour of the Sun. Originally the light of the sun onto the rock made the carvings appear, possibly from long distance.  

Solberg var et lite felt med en stor klynge av helleristninger. Helleristningene var virkelig detaljerte og flotte med mye symbolikk.
(Litt bortenfor var det enda et helleristningsfelt, men det var dekket til).
Dessverre var det skygge på berget og i tillegg dårlig fotolys, men det var så flotte figurer at jeg poster noen bilder likevel.

Fra infoskiltet:

The Solberg site was a small site, but with a large cluster of rock carvings. The carvings were so beautiful with lots of details and symbolism.
(There was one more site to the side of this, which unfortunately was covered up).
The rock was partly in shade and there was no good light for photographing, but the carvings were great so I thought I would post some photos anyway.

From the info sign:

Solvogner, dyr (hester), skip og mange runde solsymboler.

Sun chariots, animals (horses), ships and lots of circular sun symbols.

Bronsealderens helleristninger forteller historien om solen (Solgudinnen) som ble trukket over himmelen i en vogn eller i en båt om dagen, og fraktet i en båt ned i underverdenen (havet) om natten.

The Bronze Age rock carvings tell the story about the sun's (Sun Goddess') journey across the sky in a chariot or a ship during the day, and in a ship through the underworld (ocean) during the night.

Mange solskip, både dagskip og nattskip. Dagskipene seiler mot høyre og nattskipene mot venstre.

Many sun ships, both day ships and night ships. Day ships sail to the right and Night ships sail to the left.

Mange av skipene er avbildet med mennesker i, kanskje kan seremonier til ære for Solgudinnen også ha foregått på skip på vannet?

Many ships are pictured with people in them, so it may be that ceremonies in the honour of the Sun Goddess could have taken place in ships on the sea?

Ristningene på bildet over var utrolig fine synes jeg :)

I found the carvings in the photo above fascinating :)

Solskip med hestehode. 

Er ikke disse helleristningene flotte!!

A sunship with a horse head ornament.

Aren't these rock carvings lovely!!


Willow said...

Hilde, those were amazing. Thank you for sharing.

Yael said...

Yes, they are lovely, absolutely!
But I guess, for the ancient artists the word lovely did probably not matter, since the meaning of their carvings was deep and sacred for them!
How wonderful that this is all preserved and explained so well, to we can get a glimpse into cultures so way back!
Happy Easter weekend to you and your family dear Hilde! :-)

Hanne Bente said...

Flotte billeder du viser Hilde.
Helleristninger / runer er noget specielt. Ønsker dig en god dag / god påske:) Knus Hanne Bente

Marylene said...

Fantastic, those carvings are beautiful, thank you so much for sharing ! All those images are so full of symbolism, they still are trying to tell us something, after all this time.
They remind me a lot of the carvings at Horsahallen in Southern Sweden, I saw some years ago.
Have a nice Easter weekend !

Annuk said...

What a wonderful and deeply fascinating place, Hilde! I am truly fascinated by ancient rock carvings, they are "living history" in the natural environment they were meant to be... an open-air "museum" where the sacred meanings of this form of art are alive forever.

Wishing you a Happy Eaester!!!

September Violets said...

These carvings are so interesting. The fact that they are still visible after all this time is amazing. We have very similar images here in Ontario, but in paintings. The boats in particular are very alike ... so interesting. We've seen one set of paintings on Lake Mazinaw in Bon Echo Provincial Park. Unfortunately the paintings are on a rock face at water level, and there is no way to preserve them. They're being washed away a bit more each year. There is another painting 'shrine' in Petroglyphs Park, and the government has built a huge glass structure over this ancient site. Thanks for sharing these images Hilde :) Wendy

Il calesse said...

Tantissimi auguri di buona Pasqua!

Eva said...

Man blir helt andektig av å se hvor detaljrike disse helleristingene er! Man bør ta seg turer til slike områder, og vi har også en her i nærheten... Spennende er det. Kos deg med resten av påsketiden.. Klem

Hilde said...

Thank you all :) Rock carvings really are fascinating aren't they! I'm glad you enjoyed seing them as much as I did.

earthenmagic said...

...magnificent awesomeness!...
...thankyoU! ~ sO much for this intriguing tale of high adventure! ~ blessed be! ~ dear gentle heart!...(o:

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