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Saturday, August 24, 2013

The greenhouse in August.

Det har vært jungelfølelse i drivhuset den siste tiden, men i dag har jeg fått tatt en skikkelig opprydning og luking der inne.

It has been like a jungle inside the greenhouse lately, but today I have tiyed, weeded, cleared and cut back leaves in there.

(Den svarte posen på gulvet inneholder kannene med plantemateriale som står til fermentering. Oppdatering kommer snart).

(The black plastic bag on the floor contains the containers with fermenting plant materials. An update on that is coming soon).

Rosmarin og ampeljordbær.
Ampeljordbærplantene er avleggere og plantene har begynt å produsere bær først nå.
Jeg spiser noen hver gang jeg er innom drivhuset. Nam :)

Rosemary and strawberry plants in pots.
The strawberry plants are cuttings planted in spring, and the plants have just recently started to produce strawberries. I eat some each time I go by the greenhouse. Yum :)

Pottetomat-plantene var blitt så pjuske at de havnet på komposten, men jeg plukket sevlfølgelig av tomatene først. De er bittesmå men gode.

The tumbler tomato plants were fading so they were thrown on the compost, but of course I picked the tomatoes first. These are tiny but good.

Nå er det fint i drivhuset igjen, og tomatene får lys og luft.

It's looking nice inside the greenhouse again now, and the tomatoes get sunlight.

Den minste agurkplanten har vokst seg stor og kommer nå med de første agurkene.

The smallest cucumber plant has grown well and the first cucumbers are on the way.

Paprika, fortsatt grønn.

Sweet peppers, still green.


Birgit Olann said...

Like the walk through your greenhouse! We' ve made the mistake not to cut the tomato leafes in time. But maybe they'll become red. Will you try to dye with it's leaves? I was thinking about it when I washed my hands after this work.

Mia said...

Vilket perfekt drivhusinnehåll, goda grönsaker och ullfärgning, två fluer i en smekk :)

Willow said...

Your veggies look so lovely and neat ! Ours are all growing together and it is like a jungle to get to them lately.

seijastiina said...

Wonderful greenhouse!
I like this.
Oikein ihana herkullinen postaus ♥

Hanne Bente said...

Flot drivhus - og sikke mange grønsager du har. Ønsker dig en god søndag:) Knus Hanne Bente ♥

Dc said...

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly tomato and cucumber plants grow. We have decided to not grow cucumbers anymore as no matter which one we try, it is always prickly with a hard skin. Thought we might try growing gherkins next year as we both like those.

earthenmagic said...

...super great awesomeness! ~ and ~ thine picturebox muse hath done thee proud! ~ i can almost reach out and pluck those uber delicious veggies straight from the vine!... ...blessed be! ~ dear kindred heart!...(O:

Hilde said...

Thank you, Birgit :) I have never thought about dyeing with the leaves of tomato plants. Perhaps it could work, it could be fun to try once. If you ever decide to try I hope you will post about it on your blog :)

Takk, Mia :)

Thank you, Willow :) I certainly know about vegetable plants growing together like a jungle. Hope your harvest is well :)

Thank you, Seijastiina :)

Takk, Hanne Bente :) Fin søndag til deg også. Klem :)

Thank you, Dc :) Tomato plants and cucumber plants certainly grows fast, that's amazing and fun to watch, however they need to be followed up with pruning and cutting back the leaves in order to be kept under control.

Thank you, Samantha :) I'm so happy to see the vegetable plants in my greenhouse doing well and I enjoy taking care of them. They reward me nicely in return. Blessings and light :)

Birgit Olann said...

I tryed yesterday with a tiny thread and the wool turned to a light yellow. Don't know if it is fadeless yet.

Ann-Sofie said...

Vad ljuvligt det växer. Finns det något bättre?

Ingvild said...

For et herlig drivhus! Så frodig og flott!

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