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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ein Stück Himmel #85.

Kveldshimmelen i går, en blanding av lys og mørke, og et vakkert skue :)

The sky yesterday evening, a mix of darkness and light, and a beautiful sight :)

Og et flott, gammelt eiketre jeg møtte da jeg var ute og tok bilder.

And a lovely old oak tree I met while I was out taking photos.

Jeg liker så godt eiketrær, de er kraftfulle og skaper atmosfære.
Kan dere også se et hint av høst i bildene?
Nå halvveis inn i august har vi begynt å se tegn på at høsten er nær. 

I like oak trees, they are powerful and atmospheric.
Do you too see a hint of autumn in the photos?
Now halfway into August we are starting to see signs that autumn is not far away.

Click to see more skies :)


HansHB said...

A great serie of night-sky photos!
Well composed!

E. Ericasta said...

Looks grandios with The dark sky

Grüßle aus Augsburg mit Himmel von Heidrun

Annuk said...

What a stunning, mystical, magical sky! Really beautiful images, Hilde! And the oak tree is so beautiful too...
It's still full summer here, but usually after mid-August you start seeing the first little hints of autumn.
Have a lovely week! Hugs :)

September Violets said...

That night sky looks cold and autumn-like as well. Wonderful photos of it with all that coppery colour. I do hope we're not being cut short on our summer! It took so long to get going. Although the sun is shining brightly here, there's that underlying nip in the air ... sigh. Wendy

Hanne Bente said...

Flotte himmelske billeder du viser Hilde. Ønsker dig en god torsdag:) Knus♥

Dc said...

What a fantastic sky! Yes, we have also noticed a slight chill developing in the evenings after having the windows open all day.

Anette said...

Magiske bilder! Helt fantastisk :)

A wondering star said...

Fascinerende bilder! Befriende å vandre under- la fantasien slippe til. For et imponerende eiketre! Treet ved siden gir en påminnelse om at høsten kommer!
Ha en fin torsdag!

En helt uvanlig hverdag said...

Nydelige bilder av himmelen og et flott eiketre.

Ha en fin dag.

Yael said...

What a heavenly sky!
And that tree is gorgeous - trees usually are, but this one is very special, huge and beautiful!
Hugs Hilde! :-)

moni said...

Dear Hilda
a great series of naghtshots, wonderful sky!
Have a nice day

Thanks if you visit my blog

AnneKa said...

Nydelige bilder !!

Anne said...

Lovely photos Hilde. I thought the last couple of mornings I stepped out of the house to go to work how autumnal it felt. Just a bit cooler and the colours seems to be just turning.

Laura said...

Oh so beautiful!!!

Karen said...

What dramatic skies!

Jitka said...

Oh so beautiful and mystical and magical sky!!!

earthenmagic said...


maryaustria said...

Wow, such a dramatic sky! Great shots!

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