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Thursday, July 26, 2012


Endelig en skikkelig sommerdag, og det gjorde godt :)
Vi dro ut med båten i dag og gikk i land på en av øyene i skjærgården. 
Vi hadde med badetøy og mat og drikke, og vi slappet av og koste oss i sola. En liten gåtur rundt på øya ble det også.

Finally a real summer day, and it was just wonderful :)
We went for a boat ride today out to one of the small islands a little off the mainland.
We brought swimwear, food and drinks, and relaxed in the sunshine. We also went for a small walk around the island.

Hekling i solskinnet.

Crochet in the sun.

Herlig farge på messinglaven.
Det var mye lav på fjell og steiner. En annen gang skal jeg plukke med meg litt hjem til plantefarging.

Such a bright colour on this lichen.
There was lots of lichen on rocks and stones, which would work great for dyeing wool. I did not pick any lichen this time, but maybe next time.


Marylene said...

Great, finally summer ! I guess the sun is shining trough all of Europe.
The seacoast is always the best place to be when it's warm. I think we have the same lichen here, I will do some dyeing with it too, soon :) Have a great holiday !

Kristín Hrund said...

Wonderful summerphotos and summerfeeling! :-) Crochet and knitting in the sun: best thing ever.

It´s so funny: when I looked at the pictures of the stones and the lichen, the first thing that came to my mind was how exciting it would be to dye wool with that! Have you tried dyeing with this orange lichen on the picture?

datacreata said...

Lovely pictures but the water was cold!

lirosa said...

Så deilig med en god sommerdag og hekling ute i det fri.
Gleder meg til å følge med
både på den og plantefargingen din:-)

God Helg Ønskes

Yael said...

You had the best day, I can see that! Beautiful nature, good food, nice handy work, loving family, sunshine, blue water, rocks, old trees, flowery meadows - this was a paradise day!
Have an equal weekend Hilde! :-)

Hilde said...

Marylene: Thanks, and have a great summer you too :) The seacoast is absolutely a wonderful place to spend warm summer days.

Kristin: Thanks :) No I have not dyed with the yellow lichen in the photo. Not yet, but I would like to. My guess is that it will dye wonderfully. Tha same lichen grows on trees in my neighbourhood, so I will pick some here and there untill I have enough for a dye :)

Datacreata: Thanks :) Actually the water was not so cold!!

Lirosa: Ja, det var en riktig fin dag :) God helg til deg også!

Yael: Thanks :) Yes it was a lovely day. Have a wonderful weekend you too!

Anne said...

It looks fabulous Hilde, glad you had a lovely day!

Bare lille elin said...

Det så skikkelig avslappende og fint ut. :-)

Ha en god helg

Red Rose. said...

I can picture how you had a refreshing time in this summer.The blue ocean with rocks is beautiful.Especially I like the sixth photo. So lovely!
Have a good week,Hilde.

Annuk said...

These landscapes are so wonderful!!!
And I loved the sunset photos too!
Enjoy the summer days, Hilde! :)

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