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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sunshine Award.

Since my last blogpost I have been so lucky to be awarded with two blog awards :)
I will start with this one from the lovely Karisma in Australia; the Sunshine award.
We have had so much rain and wind here lately, so this ray of sunshine is a delight now :)
Thank you so much!!!
Karisma is a  very talented crafter, and I love visiting her blog to see her knit and crochet projects. Love her writing to, her posts always make me smile and feel cheerful :) Make sure you all stop by her blog to see her beautiful work!

In receiving this award we are asked to list some of our favourite things.

Favourite animal?
My two favourite animals of all:

My darling cat and dog :)
I love animals! I have always been a cat person, but have become very fond of dogs too after we got one of our own.
My favourite wild animals are the lynx and wolf. And I love owls!!

Favourite drink?
Followed by water and tea.

Favourite number?

Facebook or Twitter?
I'm not on Twitter. I haven't been on Facebook either untill recently, but in March I finally got a Facebook account... I was a bit doubtful about it, but as my eldest daughter is going to school in another part of the country in autumn it will be nice to keep in touch through Facebook and see how she is doing.
I also must say that it is fun to follow the Facebook postings of family and friends :)

My passions:
Gardening, herbs, organic growing, nature, plant dyes, crystals, healing, runes....

Favourite pattern?
Don't think I have one.

Giving or getting?
Actually I like both :)

Favourite flower?
I love all flowers, but two favourites are lily-of-the valley and honeysuckle. Love the scents :)

Favourite country?
Oh, this is a difficult one to answer...
There are so many beautiful countries with their own special charm and style. I liked visiting Greece, and would like to see more places there, especially the historic sites. I also enjoy each visit to Denmark, love the friendly and relaxed atmosphere there :)

The Sunshine Award can be awarded to ten favourite blogs, but I am going to nominate only one, and that is:

It is always a pleasure to visit Ingvild's blog Kreativ lycke/Creative happiness. As the title of her blog sais, she is a very creative young woman, and it is great fun to read about her many different projects and her beautiful garden.
Your blog deserves the Sunshine Award, Ingvild, and thank you for all your inspirational posts!
Ingvild writes her blog in Norwegian and English, so stop by to have a look :)


A wondering star said...

Koselig innlegg!
Nydelig pus og bedårende hund!
I min barndom hadde vi alltid katter hjemme.
Tenk at du drikker kaffe.Jeg må ha min morgenkaffe og litt til utover dagen.

Ha en fin dag!

Ingvild said...

Tusen takk Hilde! Du er den skjønneste! Er den noen som fortjener en sunshine award så er det vel nettopp deg! Alltid noe nyttig og spennende å lese hos deg! Har lært så utrolig mye om planter av deg!:). Tusen takk for din inspirerende blogg. Men må vel gi sunshine awarden videre til noen andre, da, tenker jeg. Trenger litt betenkningstid, da!
Masse Klemmer!

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