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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The moon tonight

Vakker månesigd i skumringen i kveld.
Med blåfargene og månen inntyllet i skyer så det nesten ut som et maleri.

The crescent moon looked so beautiful as darkness fell tonight.
The blue colours and the clouds almost made it look like a painting.



Mrs Thrifty said...

What amazing photos xx

Annuk said...

What a wonderful moon and sky! I looked at it too (from the Alps) and it's amazing! It's so clear that you can see the dark side of the moon too!

Hilde, I was thinking... you have cats too, is that right??? Zoe would be really happy to see them at her Kitty Party!!!!!

datacreata said...

Lovely photograph, you must have a good camera. Mine is okay for out on my walks but when trying to photograph the moon, looks dreadful. Is that Venus above the moon do you think?

A wondering star said...

Nydelige himmelbilder!
Dessverre gikk jeg glipp av kveldsturen i går.
Ha en fin dag!

odarka said...

Beautiful pictures! Over the Moon even see Jupiter. I also tried to photograph him, but I did not work.

Yael said...

Very peaceful! Wonderful photos Hilde, thank you!

Hilde said...

Thanks for your kind comments, I'm so glad you stopped by :)
And as Odarka sais it is Jupiter above the moon in the photo.

Anna, my kitty would love to join Zoe's party, you will hear from me :)

Blue bird said...

I am away, but always back Hilde!

You have a most beautiful opening page! Your photos are just amazing.
I do think a lot of you!

Lavina said...

Nydelig med de blåfargene! Ønsker deg en riktig god helg!

Hønemor said...

Så vakre bilder! Det er noe eget med månebilder, det er så mystisk og tidløst!

Kos deg masse med hagen i vårværet, tenker du har mer enn nok å henge fingrene i ;-)

Ha en flott uke i mai!

Heidi said...

A beautiful moon!...Have a wonderful week!

stardust said...

Hi, Hilde! These photos took my breath away! The crescent moon is hanging in the indigo sky, and in the second photo it looks like floating in the indigo sea. I wonder the large star right above the moon is the Jupiter?


lirosa said...

Ha en flott torsdag:-)

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