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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day 2012!

Mari Boine - Gula gula (Hear the voices of the foremothers).
Sung in Sami.
Pictures from around the world.
Enjoy :)

Lyrics translation:

Gula gula (Hear the voices of the foremothers)

Hear the voices of the foremothers
They ask you why you let the earth become polluted
They remind you where you come from
Do you hear?
Again they want to remind you
That the earth is our mother
If we take her life
We die with her


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

...beautiful message!

Anne said...

Lovely post Hilde! Enjoy your week X

A wondering star said...

Viktig melding til oss alle, formidlet av Mari Boine, med den urvakre sterke stemme.


Mrs Thrifty said...

Wonderful - thank you x

Giancarlo said...

La terra dovremmo trattarla meglio!! buon inizio settimana...ciao

Yael said...

Thank you for reminding us Hilde! :-)

Vilt og vakkert said...


Mari Boine - en av mine favoritter!
Skulle bare innom for å stille deg et spørsmål: Hvordan ser goji-bæra dine ut nå?
Mine er helt tørka inn med visne blader, ingen tegn til liv. Plantene har overvintra i drivhuset uten varme.
Begynte å vanne forrige uke. Da var det tørt i sengene.
Tror du de kommer seg?

Ha ei flott uke ;:OD)

mary lena said...

LOVE this song !
Do you by any chance know the original lyrics? I can't seem to found them on the net.
Everyday should be a Happy Earth day, don't you think?

mary lena said...

Thank you so much for the Sami lyrics :)
I want to learn to sing this song, it's sounds so wonderful, so full of power!
Thank you for your quick reply !
Have a nice week too

penelope said...

but where oh where are those sami lyrics? i have been looking all day and they continue to be elusive. here you say thank you for them. can you send them to me too, whoever you are? thank you thank you thank you, i am desperate as i am learning it for a show. x penny from london

penelope said...

dear people, i have been looking for days for the sami lyrics so i can learn this song for a show! here you say thank you for them... but where oh where are they? could whoever has them please please send them to me?
thank you in advance! penny from brixton

Hilde said...

Penelope, I could not find a link to you.
The sami lyrics for Gula gula is here:


Hope you see this :)

penelope said...

wow! thank you! you have made my day!

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