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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Chilli pepper seedlings.

Spiringen av chilifrøene jeg sådde for litt siden er godt i gang.
Av sorten 'Etna' har alle seks frøene spirt.

The chilli pepper seeds that were sowed a little while ago are sprouting and growing.
All six seeds of the variety 'Etna' have sprouted.

De strekker seg mot lyset, så det er nok for lite dagslys for dem.
I dag skal jeg sette opp plantelys til dem.
Den andre sorten jeg sådde, 'de Cayenne' er litt seinere, der har to frø såvidt begynt å spire så langt.

There is not enough natural daylight for them yet, so they stretch for the light.
I will have to put up a plant light for them later today.
The other variety, 'de Cayenne', is a little slower, only two seeds have started to germinate so far.


Kristín Hrund said...

That´s so exciting! :-) Love it when the seedlings come up!

datacreata said...

Good idea you have got a plant light otherwise you might have triffids on your hands!

Yael said...

Thumbs up for them!!! :-)

Hilde said...

Kristin: I think so too, this is so exciting :)

Datacreata: I have quite a lot of experience with stretching seedlings LOL. And that is why I got my plant light some years ago :-D
Actually pepper seedlings (and tomatoes too) will be replanted deeper in new pots, so if they are a little long it does not matter, they will be all right.

Yael: Thanks so much :)

Sasha Fitzgerald said...

They are so adorable! :D
I need to plant my own seeds soon. :)

Mia said...

Så långt dom kommit, kul med Chiliplanter, er du duktig på att använda dom också i maten? Hos mig blir dom flesta på plantorna dessvärre.. Jag ska bättra mig :)

Giancarlo said...

buona giornata...ciao

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