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Friday, April 5, 2013

Stash-busting #5 - Hats.

Aprils første stash-buster prosjekter ble gjort ferdig i dag; to barneluer med dusker.
De var lette og raske å strikke, og perfekte strikkeprosjekter om man ønsker å få ferdig noe på kort tid.
Oppskriften fant jeg her: Majas duskelue.

My first stash-buster projects in April were finished today; two children's hats with tassels.
Those were easy and quick to knit up, and perfect when you want a finished project in a short time.
The pattern was found here: Majas duskelue (Maja's tassel hat).

Luene kan jo pyntes, men jeg synes de ble søte som helt enkle også.
Begge luene er strikket i superwash garn, men den grå luen ble strikket med dobbel tråd så den er litt tykkere og passer bedre i kaldere vær. Den blå luen er tynnere og passer best vår og høst.
Jeg slet litt med å få montert på duskene, men de kom på plass til slutt. På duskene brukte jeg også noen tråder med restegarn i kontrastfarge.

The hats would look nice with any kind of decoration, but I find them sweet just as they are.
Both hats are knitted from superwash wool. The grey hat was knitted with two strands of yarn, so it's warm and suitable for cold weather. The blue hat is thinner and suitable for spring and autumn.
I had a bit of a fuzz attatching the tassels, but in the end they turned out ok. For the tassels I also spent some bits of yarn in a contrasting colour.

Til luene har jeg brukt tilsammen 150 gram garn, 50 gram på den blå luen og 100 gram på den grå.

A total of 150 grams of yarn was spent on those two hats, 50 grams on the blue one and 100 grams on the grey one.



Hello from Michigan. Your two hats are pretty neat and the tassel make them special. You have a lovely blog. Happy Stash Busting. Hugs Judy

Handmade and off-centered said...

Hello Hilde and thanks for your kind words. I love the fairy-ness of your blog...brings me back to childhood :) Your hats are a great idea for stash busting and they are very different, which is always good ;)

Have a great weekend.

September Violets said...

OH! these hats are so cute! I really like the shade of grey, and the tassels finish off the sharp corners in a fun way :) You're having better luck than me with your knitting (I just posted about mitten troubles!). Have a great weekend Hilde ... sunny here this evening, and I hope it lasts for two days straight :) Wendy

Anonymous said...

Hi Hilde, love the hats, they are so cute. I wish I could knit, but I truly am terrible at knitting, so I stick with crochet.
blessings, jill

earthenmagic said...

...thee art a most creative soul! ~ and ~ thine stash is nimbly diminishing into the most wonderful products!...
...i went over to thine friend's blog to see the pattern! ~ there be sO many yummy delicious recipes to choose from! ~ thankyoU! ~ for sharing this awesomeness! ~ blessed be!...(0:

Hanne Bente said...

Hej Hilde.
Flotte huer du har strikket. Ønsker dig en god lørdag:) Knus Hanne Bente

Hilde said...

Thank you, Judy :) Stahbusting really is fun!

Thank you for your kind words, Birgitta :) I was so happy to find your blog.
Have a great weekend you too :)

Thank you, Wendy :) Have a great weekend you too, and enjoy the sunny weather.

Thank you Jill, and thanks for visiting :)

There really are several nice pattern on that blog, I enjoyed making these hats!
Thanks for your kind words, and for stopping by, Samantha. It's always lovely to see you!
Many hugs :)

Takk, Hanne Bente :) Ønsker deg også en god lørdag.
Klem :)

linda said...

I love these they are so cute :)

Red Rose. said...

They are very cute hats! The tassel perfectly fit the hats. I like your new header. That is just for you like knitting.

Annuk said...

They are both lovely, Hilde! The tassels make them super cute!
Have a lovely weekend, Hilde!

Kristín Hrund said...

so cute those hats and I love the tassels! I´ve made quite a lot of those square-hats for my boys... sometimes I do some embroidery and make a face on them, or I use some interesting buttons to decorate them - it´s one of my favorite ways to use up my leftover-yarn :-)

Hilde said...

Thank you, Linda :)

Thanks, Anna :) Hope you are having a super Sunday.
Hugs :)

Thank you, Kristin :) Those hats really are nice, and great for using up bits of yarn. I'm sure those you have made turned out beautifully. Embroidiery, buttons and making a face on them are great decoration ideas :-)

Babajeza said...

These hats are fun. What a lovely idea to use up yarn from stash. Have a nice week. Regula

Hilde said...

Thanks for visiting and for your kind words, Babajeza :) Have a nice week you too!

Ana BC said...

These hats are so cute! Love the tassles

Hilde said...

Thank you, Ana :)

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