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Friday, September 20, 2013

Weekend flowers #117.

Det blomstrer fortsatt i veikantene, her er noen blomster jeg så på tur i dag.

Wildflowers are still in bloom beside roads and paths, here are some I saw on my walk today.

Smørblomst, føllblom, rødkløver og balderbrå.
Det er fortsatt blomster å plukke til en høstbukett til bordet.

Buttercup, autumn hawkbit, clover and mayweed.
Still flowers for an autumn boquet to put on the table.

Balderbrå er et gammelt navn og betyr "Balders øyenvipper". Til forskjell fra andre villblomster skal ikke balderbrå være kjent under andre folkelige eller lokale navn. Den er heller ikke blitt brukt som urt.

In Norwegian Mayweed is named "Balderbrå", meaning "Balder's eyelashes". Balder is one of the old gods, so the name of the flower obviously goes back a long time.
"Balderbrå" is the only name we have for it, unlike other wildflowers there are no other known local or folkly names. 

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Happy weekend :)


September Violets said...

Such pretty fall flowers ... they actually look more like spring flowers! Have a great weekend Hilde :) Wendy x

Natas Nest said...

Oh I love wildflowers!! I gladly remember my childhood with wide meadows full of them. My favorites since then are daisies and cuckoo flower. Also when I see buttercups I always have to remember that time. And common sorrel, do you know it? We ate the leaves, uuuh, so sour ;-). Your photos are wonderful, thank you so much for sharing! And also for the information about the Norwegian name of Mayweed, great :-). Have a cozy weekend! Nata xxx

earthen-magic said...


Unknown said...

Vackra blommor! Ha en fin helg!

Vores have said...

Flotte blomster du viser. Ønsker dig en god week-end:) Knus!

seijastiina said...

Lovely flowers ♥
So nice pictures.
Have a wonderful weekend Hilde.

Tomoko said...

You had a good walk seeing those pretty flowers.
Enjoy your weekend.

EricaSta said...

This flowers looks lovely!
Greetings from Bavaria, Heidrun

Anne said...

Wild flowers are often the most beautiful Hilde and yours are lovely.

Annuk said...

These flowers are all so lovely, and your photos really do them justice! I couldn't agree more with Camus' quote... Autumn is definitely a second Spring :D

Meta said...

Här hos oss blommar sommarblommorna om nu det är lite konstigt men det är väl bonusen på den fina sommaren.
Ha en fin vecka
Kram Meta

Barbara said...

Beautiful. Have a lovely autumn day today!

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